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T he DeStefano Law Group formally known as David R. DeStefano & Associates, have been helping individuals in the tri-county area since the mid-1940s. The personal injury attorneys at The DeStefano Law Group provide legal representation and counsel to victims of catastrophic injuries, automobile, truck, tractor trailer, and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, fatal injuries, animal bits, slip and falls, and workers’ compensation injuries.

Legal consultation and advice on all personal injury matters are provided at no cost. The
DeStefano Law Group consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals committed to representing the injured victim at the highest level. Our staff, lawyers, paralegals and other professionals are specifically trained to guide the injured victim through each and every step of your injury case.

We Specialize In:

Automobile & Truck Accident

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury


Workers Compensation


    • I was in a trucking accident and herniated a disc in my low back. Mr. DeStefano took a personal interest in my case and obtained over a half a million dollars for me and my family. I refer all of my family and friends to the DeStefano Law Group.
    • Dave was great! He kept me informed at all times, got me to the right medical doctors and in the end obtained a large cash settlement for my accident claim.
    • Gabe did a great job on my workers compensation claim. He fought hard for me, kept me informed, was totally prepared for all hearings and in the end he obtained a large settlement for me.
    • There are really no words we can find to adequately express our appreciation for how Mr. DeStefano handled our injury claim.
      -Sharon and Bill
    • We are very grateful to you for all your support, interaction and compassion for our unusual situation.
    • I slipped and fell on ice while working. Dave handled my slip and fall claim while Gabe handled my work claim. They worked like a real team, they kept me informed, were prepared and, after litigation, I received over $450,000 for my injury. I can’t say enough about the DeStefano Law group.
    • I slipped on a defective sidewalk and hurt my shoulder. The DeStefano Law group fought hard for my rights and I received over $250,000 for my injuries.
    • Mr. DeStefano has been my attorney for over 20 years, he treats me like part of his extended family!
    • I am an entrepreneur with several businesses. Mr. DeStefano represents me in all of these businesses. Normally I would need a separate attorney for each business since they are in diverse fields such as computer technology, nutraceutical foods, and real estate. In addition to general business advice and legal issues David represented me in a lawsuit between business partners. This was an ugly event but David persevered and we won everything that we wanted. Finally, David represents me in all personal matters. The width of experience and trust that David provides me is unmatched and the personal touch that he provides does not exist in large law firms.